Welcome to Training Section | 5th October, 2015
Training Content

Session -1: (Overview) :

  1. Overview and Orientation of Course.
  2. What is involved in doing The DBA’s job.
  3. Installing Oracle 10g and Maintaining it.
  4. Some basic Networking concepts.
  5. Introduce Toad and its functionality.

Session -2: (Database Administration) :

  1. Table spaces, Extents, Redo Logs, Data files.
  2. Memory Administration.
  3. Database Configuration.
  4. Database Tuning and Optimization.
  5. Database Recovery.
  6. Logical Backup( Export, Import).

Session -3: (SQL- DML):

  1. Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement.
  2. Restricting and Sorting Data.
  3. Using Single Row Functions and its mostly used functions.
  4. Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions.
  5. Displaying Data From Multiple Tables.
  6. Using Sub queries to Solve Queries.

Session -4: (SQL- DCL):

  1. Manipulating Data.
  2. Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables Including Constraints.
  3. Creating Other Schema Objects.
  4. Controlling User Access.
  5. Mid Term MCQ Test.

Session -5: (PL/SQL-Variables, IF-Then-Else and Cursors):

  1. Declaring Variables.
  2. Writing Executable Statements.
  3. Interacting with the Oracle Server.
  4. Writing Control Structures.
  5. Working with Composite Data Types.
  6. Writing Explicit Cursors.
  7. Advanced Explicit Cursor Concepts.
  8. Handling Exceptions.

Session -6: (PL/SQL-Procedures, Functions and Triggers):

  1. Creating Anonymous PL/SQl Block.
  2. Creating Procedures.
  3. Creating Functions.
  4. Creating Packages.
  5. Creating Database Triggers.

Session-7: (Forms Developer Suite- Forms and MVC):

  1. Wizard Based Forms with Enter, Execute and Cancel Query.
  2. Forms Properties.
  3. Understanding forms triggers.
  4. Create forms with
  5. Validate the Model Form e.g. Messages and Alerts.

Session-8: (Forms Developer Suite- Forms and MVC):

  1. Creating Menus.
  2. Creating different kinds of Reports.
  3. Forms and Reports Migration.
  4. Final MCQ Test.
Speakers Profile
Muhammad Abdullah Al Noor

Muhammad Abdullah Al Noor is an IT professional having 10+ years hands-on experience in creating large ERPs with oracle. His areas of expertise are Project Management, Software Development, Database Management, Performance tuning and lead team of developers and DBAs.

He has experience from different financial institutes which includes Life Insurance ERPs, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management etc. Currently, he is working in a Life Insurance company as an IT Incharge.

Apart from his technical and creative contributions to the company, Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Al Noor is an Oracle Trainer at various IT Training Institutes. He has successfully conducted a good number of sessions on Oracle Database and Programming up to advance level.

Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Al Noor is an MBA (MIS) and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional).